Laboratory Teflon Custom-made Products Manufacturer


Nanjing Binglab (formerly known as "Binhai County Zhenghong Plastic Factory", built in the early 1970s, and jointly developed high-tech PTFE plastic products with Shanghai Plastics Research Institute in the mid-1980s.) is a specialized Manufacturers of polytetrafluoroethylene products for production, research and development, and sales of geology and marine metallurgy, semiconductor electronics, new energy and new materials, national defense and military industry, medicine, food inspection and commodity inspection, etc. Our company has been focusing on customizing various PTFE equipment products for 30 years. The products sell well in China and are exported to the United States, Russia, Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc., and the quality is comparable to that of foreign countries.

PTFE is the abbreviation of polytetrafluoroethylene, known as the "King of Plastics".
PFA, FEP, and TFM are all "modified polytetrafluoroethylene".

PTFE plastic has excellent corrosion resistance (almost resistant to various strong acids and alkalis and organic solvents), superior high and low temperature resistance (great resistance to deformation and recovery, not easy to deform), and strong insulation resistance, atmospheric aging resistance, radiation resistance, low permeability and other characteristics.

Our company selects products made of high-purity experimental grade polytetrafluoroethylene materials, which not only have low blank value of metal elements, almost no dissolution and precipitation, but also can be used many times and repeatedly, and the application cost is lower.

Teflon products

Needless to say, conventional laboratory PTFE products, everyone knows everything.
Here we bring you the "PTFE customized products" that you may not know, but we can make:

Part1---PFA customized products
Translucent and visible, easy to observe
Temperature resistance: -200 to 260°C

PFA consumables

PFA wafer carrier

Part2---PTFE/TFM customized products
Pure white opaque, invisible Temperature resistance:
PTFE (-200 to 250°C)
TFM (-200 to 260°C)

PTFE consumables

PTFE acid purifier


Our vision

R & D innovation, focus on the future
Our vision is to intelligently manufacture trace analysis vessels and instruments with global competitiveness!