2022 World Semiconductor Conference

Use "core" to develop

Binzhenghong continues to innovate and develop to provide better PFA consumables to help semiconductors.

1. PFA Wafer Carrier

PFA wafer dipper resistance to strong acid and alkali, low metal ion content, no dissolution no precipitation, superior heat tolerance(-200°C to 260°C).

Special for semiconductor, microelectronic, solar energy, polysilicon chemical industries.

For pickling and etching of wafers, chips, silicon wafers, substrates, cells, etc.

2. PTFE Wafer Cassette

Professional customization of different specifications and sizes, supporting tetrafluoride cleaning racks for round or square chips and silicon wafers.

3. PFA Cleaning Tank

The PFA cleaning tank is specially designed for semiconductor photovoltaic photovoltaic and other industries, and it is integrally formed, so there is no need to worry about liquid leakage. It is mainly used for soaking and cleaning wafer cassette with chips and silicon wafers, and will not pollute the chip wafers.

4. PFA/PTFE Tweezers

Mainly used for clamping chips, lithium wafers and silicon wafers.

5. PFA Reagent Bottle

It is specially used to hold electronic grade solvents or semiconductor ultra-pure reagent solutions. Our company can also customize PFA bottles according to semiconductor equipment.

6. PFA Volumetric Flask

The material is pure, the constant volume is accurate, can reach A-level, and has passed the inspection and comes with a measurement certificate.

7. Teflon Gas Wash Bottle/Absorption Bottle/Continuous Reaction Bottle/Impinger Bottle